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Tell the girls make [Sexy lingerie online], water bag type of bra is refers to the bra insert by the sense of water filling material. Can be divided into fixed and mobile type two kinds. Fixed water bag sealed, the activity of water bag can be inserted in the cup. Water bag of liquids in a variety of, latex, latex, fragrant essential oils. Its effects vary according to the water bag filling, mostly have the effect of massage, aromatherapy, breast enhancement. Due to the particularity of water bag bra filler material, material sense of water of heat is usually less than textile goods, therefore very suitable for wear in summer. Fixed water bag is suitable for wide chest type, mobile type water bag, attention should be paid to the bra top in conformity with the water bag design, avoid the water in the water bag is focused on the bra below, make the cup produces incongruous sudden move up and down. Usually water bag bra of water cushion around 20 g - 40 g, A cup of women can choose 40 g capacity, 20 g C cup, can choose.

Placket: its a strapless, invisible, can be directly on the breast. Material has disposable paper, and some for repeatable cleaning using silicone material. Many backless outfit collocation to wear this kind of invisible bra, but because it is thick, airtight and silicone material density is big, so wear long after will feel chest pressure, prevent chest breathable and sweat, influence breast health. In addition, many women can produce allergic phenomenon of silica gel, contact dermatitis, therefore, this kind of bra should not be worn for a long time. This thing can breathe freely? In addition to wear wedding dress meimei, must wear less at ordinary times wear less! Strapless: also known as wipes bosom. Such a wide cloth, fixed support for breast play a role, in the early development of girls can wear. That year in high school, this was deeply loved by everyone, just development was too ashamed to tell mommy, don't wear again feel sorry, we have a large female doll would buy this group together.

The anterior Lingerie: as the name implies, this bra clasp, unlike normal bra behind and in front, so it also gathered effect is better. Nursing bra: this bra specially designed for women during pregnancy and lactation, easy to adapt to the breasts. No rims bra: just as its name implies without rims of bra. Recommend at home or very hot summer wear, in the early development of the young girl also can wear. There are people will feel wearing no bra can cause drooping of the steel wheel, in fact, as long as it's not worn for a long time will be less to sag. If really afraid of prolapse sister can do exercise or yoga to adjust.